WIP Witchy Boy

Curious to see how this turns out

More watercolor.

Meam, Chewi, and I had a water color party and each made one of these “trading card” watercolors for each other using our OCs.

I bought my first set if water colors since middle school. Just durping.

When I don’t have a clear idea in my head this is always what I fart out.

Cute boys in scarves.

sarasomething whispered:
I love your work, especially your trees! I've been looking for nice painted trees, and yours are some of the nicest I've found!

Thank you for the kind comment! Its good to know the studies I’ve been doing have been paying off! I hope I can continue to get better at them.

<3 Thank you!

Ever since the birth if my porn sketchbook (which started as a joke) I have started decorating all my books.

I am so excited for Halloween you guys.

Made something creepy for my icon at work

Experimenting over lunch

Tried something new.